How SKTKS Managed to do Successful Business with Low Budget?

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In the history of Indian cinema, there are many low budget Hindi films which have performed exceptionally well and collected an outstanding total at the box office. A few years back, there were many possibilities for low budget films to earn a humongous amount due to their exciting content. Among many successful low budget Indian films of today’s time, one name is SonuKeTitu Ki Sweety.

Yes, this Luv Ranjan film has changed the entire equation of Indian box office and is on the way to make a new record. SKTKS has already crossed Rs. 90 crores mark and is running speedily to become the first non-cast and low budget film to gross Rs. 100 crores. This film is indeed an inspiration for all other flop films which could have performed well. Here are the main reasons for its success at the box office:

Bromance vs. Romance Concept:The concept of “Bromance vs. Romance” has appealed strongly to the audience and turned out to be a joyride. PyaarKaPunchnama series introduced the actors, Kartik Aryan and Nusrat Bharucha, who received a lot of appreciation in both the movies of this series. Also, the Bromance vs. Romance was initially portrayed in the PyaarKaPunchnama and continued in its second part PyaarKaPunchnama 2. This film has a very different concept from other topics and appeals to the youth of our country which is around 65% of our total population. If you do not know what Bromance, means checkout the definition of Bromance on Urban Dictionary.

Hit Music: Before the release, the songs of the film had already gained the audience’s appreciation, and also its trailer received a positive response from the audience. The reason for such a big hype for the film is the previous two films of the director, Luv Ranjan. PKPN 1 could not get much attention but its second part earned a good amount at the box office. Now, due to a similar concept of SKTKS, it managed to do well right from its opening day. Almost all the songs of this film were a huge success and were considered by as some of the best songs of 2018.

Script:The script of the film is very well written and is a full dose of entertainment. An interesting script coupled with the superb performance of its star cast helped the film to cross every barrier at the box office. Dialogues of the movie are too good and compel the audience to laugh wholeheartedly. An outstanding element of comedy made the people enjoy their time thoroughly.

Poor Performance of Other films: When SKTKS arrived at the box office, most of the holdover release were earning a decent amount. So, this gave the film a chance to attract a right amount of audience to its theaters. The strong performance of the movie on its opening day helped it to set its foot at the box office, and the positive word of mouth of the audience worked in favour SonuKeTitu Ki Sweety. Also, the new releases failed to impress the audience, and hence SKTKS remained unaffected.

Now, the movie has already crossed the mark of Rs. 93 crores and has not shown any sign of slowing down at the box office. With this performance, it is likely to cross the mark of Rs. 100 crores and would become the first low-budget and non-cast film in the history of Indian cinema to do so.

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