SMS Monitoring App That Can Protect Your Business

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It’s not difficult for Tech start-ups these days to finance their unique ideas through websites like Kickstarter. But however, we see product delays, property rights infringement and failures. The ideas are usually rough and abstract and there is hardly any concern shown over their protection. What usually goes wrong is that we trust our few employees too much. It’s very obvious that your unique ideas are either stolen or shared by someone within the company.

What can be and must be done is the employee monitoring, through a smartphone software. The creative and informal ambience of these start-ups can never allow for traditional monitoring. Because it can disrupt their productivity and performance. SMS monitoring is the feature that can protect your business against property rights theft.

XNSPY is one such mobile phone spy app. it can do other things too, apart from monitoring SMS, like:

Calls and Phonebook Log

You can lookout for other things in your employees’ phone. Keeping a track of who they are calling can ensure that your employees are only making important business calls. You will also have access to their phonebook.

IM Conversations

Are your employees really involved in social media sharing and IM apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line or Skype? Then XNSPY is your thing. With this app, you can get a complete back-up of your employees’ conversations and the media files that they have been sharing, within and outside the company.

Emails and Browsing History

The emails that your employees share may have attached files of your company’s future plans, prototypes or internal audit reports. Email monitoring is now very common these days in U.S but the way this SMS spy app can do it, not many others can.

Your employees’ browsing history can elucidate important facts about their behavior and interests. It will also tell you how much time they spend on work-related stuff, and how much of it is wasted.

GPS location

This feature is great for tracking your employees. Almost every business in some way can utilize GPS tracking services. They can check their employees’ current location or location history. Delivery businesses can Geo-fence their drivers to stay within the defined routes.

XNSPY’s SMS monitoring app is a great app for your business. Get one today!

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