Stuck In Between Different Ways To Clean Tires On Car?


Tired of dry rot tires ruining your car driving experience? well no more. here we are to help you out with different ways of dealing with dry tires and how to clean them while protecting them to last long.

But What Are Tire Dry Rots And What Causes Them?


The hard and brittle surface caused due to natural degradation of rubber over time of five to six years depending on temperature, climate, humidity, the maintenance and the air pressure of tires. The oil starts to evaporate leaving a brittle hard dry surface behind. But what causes them most is the way the tire is been stored.

If the tire is exposed to excessive heat or lack of use, constant exposure to the sun can cause the tire to lose its oil quickly and leave a hardcore teary shell behind. What troubles the most is the safety point that you carry with yourself while driving with a dry rot tired as it is highly unsafe to drive with it.

The tire can actually break apart into pieces if the crack reaches the core of the tire causing heat and in the cord of the tires, making it fragile.

How To Clean Tires And Prevent Dry Rot?

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To prevent dry tires, it is important to clean the tire first and keep it up to date AutoVillage . Using a tire cleaner designed especially for car tires is one thing that people with a car should have!

Car wash soap is designed in a way to clean and protect the rubber from the exterior hits like dirt, heat, humidity and sun. Though they have negative on the paint of the Car Leasing as they are bad for the paint and may have a side effect on it, leaving it to fade away from the portion the soap wash has touched.

Allow the cleaner to sit on the tire after application for some time as rubber is fairly porous so it gets really hard to dust the dirt off from the tire and get the grime instantly. By allowing the cleaner to sit on the surface so it can soak and make the dust dislodged to be dusted off quickly. Let sit the soap wash on the tire for some time and then quickly dust off using any overspray and with a clean rag.

A stiff brush can be used to clean the dirt off tires. If you see a white film or brown coating on the tire, you may want to remove it first before proceeding further for cleaning the tire.

Use a fairly stiff brush and apply pressure to rub off the film from the tire. avoid steel brush that may lead cracks and penetration into the tire causing it to break from the inside.

Always rinse the tire with a hose after scrubbing off the white film and brown coating from the tire. A good water pressure hose can be used to remove the remaining dirt off from the tire and tire being environmentally safe, it is fine to allow the tire cleaner and water to drain off wherever you wish like a yard or plain surface. For your own safety, ensure an eye protecting glass to keep the cleaner far from getting to your eyes.

vehicle tyreNow after doing the entire process, you may still see white film and brown coatings on your tire. Reapply the tire cleaner and let it set on the rubber surface while waiting for few minutes for it to settle down and then rinse off. Do not forget to read the instructions written on your cleaner bottle before executing the plan to clean tire and grime on it.

While some cleaner comes with instructions to be used on a dry rubber surface, some ask for a damp surface for the cleaner to settle and work efficiently. Tire gel is one such product that can be used for browned tires if you still see a brown film on your tire.

The gel helps the tire to get back its original black colour and leaves a nourished coat on the surface. as there are many types of tire gel, they are mostly applied with a sponge. Avoid letting it dry on the tire surface and apply it on a clean and washed tire for the best results.

Help your tire get a new life by following these steps and ensure a safe and enjoyable drive.

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