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This is Matthew rivera co founder of CommercialNET, and I have some exciting news for you. We are establishing a powerful real estate and home-service referral network in your metro area starting TODAY, and we would like you to join! Here’s how it works:

STEP 1. We create what’s called a “NETwork Badge” for metro areas around the country. (In fact, we are literally buiding the nation’s largest collaborative network of trusted businesses.)

STEP 2. The NETwork Badge is an embeddable application that you insert into your website (much like you would embed a YouTube video or Google map).

STEP 3. One you register for your NETwork Membership, we will create and upload your business profile into your local NETwork Badge.

STEP 4. Then, you can invite local businesses that you trust (and would refer to your own customers) to join you in the NETwork Badge. Those businesses, in turn, repeat this step and invite only other businesses that THEY trust to join.

STEP 5. Each member then embeds the NETwork Badge into their respective websites. (We have solutions for businesses that don’t have the ability to embed the NETwork Badge, too.)

The NETwork Badge does all of the work to promote your business across the websites of other members in your local network. If your NETwork grows to 100 total businesses (including you), then your business is AUTOMATICALLY promoted across 99 other websites to the customer base of your trusted network members. You NEVER pay us for any leads or referrals that you receive, nor do you pay for impressions, views, click-throughs, or anything like that. Your small monthly membership fee covers everything!

Because everyone involved in your NETwork Badge is in real estate and home-service industries, you all will obviously share a common customer base: HOME OWNERS. A home owner who visits a landscaper’s website within your network can click on their embedded NETwork Badge to also find a tree surgeon. Someone who visits a handyman’s website within your network can also find a licensed electrician. See how that works? Very simply, yet VERY POWERFUL.

Now, you have the option to join your local network either as a NETwork LEADER or NETwork MEMBER. Only one LEADER is allowed per NETwork Badge, and they receive prominent promotional positioning within their local NETwork Badge. Visit Our Site for detail information http://commercialnetinc.com/

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