Ten Precautions You Are Making That Can Hurt Your Remodeling Project

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We understand how you feel. You are entrusting a huge amount of money for a project that could go wrong if you are not careful. You are only acting on the horror stories you’ve heard a thousand times over. However, being too careful can actually hurt your Northern Virginia remodeling project. Here are the ten most common mistakes dressed up as innocent “precautions”.

Hostaging funds until you see results

Some families who are currently undergoing Northern Virginia remodeling projects think that by hostaging the remaining 5% of the funds, they are protecting themselves from fly-by-night contractors. The fact though is that withholding funds can be very damaging to your renovation project. Your contractor will be forced to use cheaper but lower quality materials just to make ends meet. If you want to protect yourself, there are legal paperwork that can do that for you.

Buying materials on your own

There’s nothing wrong with being hands on but probably not when it comes to making renovations in your home. You might end up spending more money. Your contractor has contacts in the industry, and if you let him handle the negotiations, you can get materials cheaper.

Having no clear plan

A lot depends on your remodeling plan. It is absolutely necessary to have one. Without one, your contractor can just reason out that you were not being very clear with what you wanted. You have no legal protection without a clear plan. This has to be expressed with an Engineer’s drawing. Even if it will cost you a little bit more, you will find that a clear cut plan of your project is actually necessary. When you acquire permits for your Northern Virginia remodeling project, for example, these drafts will be asked for.

Trusting online testimonials too much

Online testimonials are good sources for finding out which contractors are legitimate. However, entrusting your decision solely based on online testimonials can be detrimental to your project and your finances. Follow through. If you can, interview actual clients on your own. Check for proper licenses too. Contractors who operate without licenses can put your home at risk.

Not having a clear contract especially with the price

To protect yourself, you need to put a cap on how much will be spent on the project. With their experience and their knowledge of all agents in the industry, your contractor can at least give you a ballpark figure of how much the entire project will cost. Without an agreed, pre-project cost limit, you’re in for a larger expense.

Not trusting your chosen contractor

Being constantly at war with your contractor can cost you more money. This is true for any Northern Virginia remodeling project. You need to learn how to work with your contractor. Stop pretending to know more than the experts, but you may do your homework just to double check if you are being cheated on. A word of advice, though: don’t hire any team if you do not have full confidence in them.

Occupying the home that is to be remodeled

You might think that staying in your home during the remodeling project is a good idea because you can keep an eye on things. On the contrary, however, this can be detrimental to your health and safety. You will also be lengthening the work time. It’s harder for your contractor to do actual work when people are still living on the site. Some states might not allow this at all.

Comparing your project to your neighbor’s

Your neighbor’s remodeling project will always be different from yours. Even if you have highly similar interiors, the wear of your neighbor’s home would not be identical to yours. The cost cannot be the same, and even if you hire the same contractor, you cannot be assured the same results. This will all depend on how much money you are willing to spend, and the type of materials you chose to invest in.

If you are planning a Northern Virginia remodeling, our team at Rendon Remodeling & Design can help you every step of the way. Call us today and let’s discuss your project.

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