These Are the Reasons Why Your Staff Are Slacking

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A lull in productivity can happen in any workplace. Seemingly for no reason. You may not have changed anything, at all. Yet, your employees are still slacking. There could be a number of issues causing this lack of productivity. It may even be because you haven’t made any changes that are the problem. Here are the reasons why your staff are slacking. And, how to solve them.


They’re not being rewarded

Do you ever reward your staff for doing well? If not, then it could be the number one reason as to why they’re not working very hard. People need motivation sometimes. One of the best forms of motivation tends to be a reward! It may sound like something you’d do with a dog or a baby, but it is actually scientifically proven to work. If you’ve never rewarded employees who do well, it may be time to start. It could just be that they get an extra day’s holiday. You could buy them an actual holiday! Start showing you’re grateful for all the hard work they put in and they’ll soon stop slacking.

There’s clutter everywhere

A cluttered workspace equals a cluttered mind. Perhaps your staff don’t want to be less productive but they’re finding their environment troublesome. This could be solved as simply as putting some industrial shelving up. Just to keep the clutter away from their desks or workspaces. Employees who work in a messy atmosphere will find it a lot harder to concentrate, than those with a blank canvas. Bring in some storage solutions and have a big tidy up. It can make all the difference.

There’s no room for progression

If your staff believe they’ll be stuck in the same role forever, they’ll start to tire of it pretty quickly. One of the most common questions potential employees ask in an interview is, “Is there room for progression?”. And, you probably answered yes. However, if nobody has gotten a promotion in a while, then things can feel a bit stale. Staff won’t feel as though this job is going to lead them anywhere, and they’ll be less inclined to work hard. Make sure you have the right promotion and progression opportunities available.


You haven’t asked for their ideas

Your team members should feel valued and part of something great. This means that you should take all of their ideas into consideration. You may be surprised at how many fantastic new business ideas come from employees. Organise a monthly get together  or meeting, where everyone can share what they think will help the company grow. You could even have an ideas box, for them to post their thoughts into. If they feel they’re contributing to the success of the business, they’ll be far more likely to work hard.

You’re slacking

You need to lead by example if you want to run a successful business. If your employees see you with your feet up consistently, they’re not going to feel very productive themselves. You need to show that you’re working as hard as you expect them to work. This means less of the long lunches and more of the hard graft. How can you expect your staff not to slack if you’re doing just that?

These are some of the most common reasons why your employees might be slacking. And the majority of them are easy to fix. Make sure you use our top tips to guarantee a productive team!

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