Top 8 interesting facts about the city of Cochin



Most destinations are not as plain as they may seem on the outside. It is only after you visit the place that you realise how beautiful and culturally rich the destination really is. This article talks about some of the most interesting facts about Cochin you probably didn’t know and would better help to make your experience in the city, a better one.

One of the most popular cities of South India, Cochin is a brilliant holiday destination. It is also one of the main international gateway to South India as its international airport sees a huge number of tourists fly into the city each year. Apart from the international flights, domestic flights like Bangalore to Cochin flights are also easily available from the city. Here are some of the most interesting facts about the city.

It is called the ‘Queen of the Arabian sea’

It all started in the 14th century when Cochin became a pioneer of the spice trading center along the western coast of the country. It became the main link to India to the rest of the world, thus earning that name.

Cochin has various multicultural nicknames

Cochin has seen a little of many civilizations coming and going. These civilizations do not leave without rubbing some influence on the city though; be it from the architecture, lifestyle to even names! The Dutch called the city ‘Homely Holland’, while the Portuguese called it ‘Little Lisbon’ and the English, ‘Mini England’.

Unlike the rest of South India, English is widely spoken here!

You will definitely not struggle with any language barrier when trying to get around in Cochin like you do in other south Indian cities.

It is the biggest exporter of Pepper in India

Visit Cochin during the International Pepper Exchange in the city and you will get an eye full of peppers everywhere! Almost ninety percent of all the peppers produced in India are packed shipped during this fair.

There is a history behind the Chinese fishing nets

The massive Chinese fishing nets you see in the city were brought to the city by the Chinese traders under the court of the great emperor Kublai Khan. Apart from Cochin, these fishing nets will not be sighted anywhere else outside China.

It is home to the oldest church in India

Cochin plays home to the oldest church built by the Europeans in India. The St. Francis church is laos the burial spot of the great Portuguese trader Vasco Da Gama.

There are many Jewish Synagogues in Cochin

Having a Synagogue in India is rare enough, but Cochin plays home to not one, but six of them! Decorated with Belgian chandeliers and massive Chinese tiles, these Synagogues are active and operational to this day.

Football is a major sport in played in Cochin

Unlike the rest of the country devoured by the craze of cricket, Cochin gives hopes to its football players, so much so that it caught the eyes of international scouts. The La Liga and Champions league champions, arguably the best football club in the world now, Real Madrid, is all set to open a football school in Cochin! Simons Holidays is mumbai based travel agency. They offers Domestic holidays like shimla manali, Sikkim Darjeeling, Kerala, karnataka, Uttarakhand, Goa Tour packages at low cost

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