Top Tips to Get Your Windows Spotless

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A lot of people don’t give enough thought to their windows. They might wipe them down when they look especially grubby or dust the frames. But many people don’t clean their windows often enough. If you need to start looking after your windows more, it’s not a task that you need to do as frequently as some other jobs. You can dust around them and give them a proper clean now and then, checking for any damage to the frames too. Sometimes you might need to repaint or replace the caulking. Use these tips to keep your glass panes shining and your window frames looking spit-spot.

Cleaning the Frames

Although most people concentrate on the glass in their windows, it’s essential to keep the frames clean too. If they get too dirty and mould, the paint could flake or the wood could start to rot away. Wiping down your window frames isn’t difficult, no matter what material they’re made from. From UPVC to timber and aluminium, you’re usually fine using a cloth and warm, soapy water to clean them. You can do this both inside and outside to keep everything looking sparkling.


Cleaning the Glass

A lot of people use a window spray and a cloth to wipe their window panes. But you could just be rubbing the dirt around. The best way to tackle your windows is by using the methods that professional cleaners use. You should soap up the glass and then wipe it down with a squeegee. This makes cleaning upstairs windows easier too, as you don’t have to learn out the window. You can clean them with a telescopic pole from the ground. When it comes to selecting cleaning products, you might prefer to use window care that is eco-friendly. You can avoid leaving any chemicals behind.  After rubbing them down with soap, get the squeegee out to scrape it off and leave shiny windows behind.

Touching Up Window Frames

Occasionally, your window frames might need a little more care than a simple clean. They can start to deteriorate as they get older, so you might need to touch them up. They could require anything from a new coat of paint to resealing. If the window putty is coming away or rotting, remove it and replace it with a new application. You might also consider replacing a rotten or damaged window sill, and you can repaint and seal if it’s looking shabby.

Hiring a Professional Service

If cleaning your windows is too much hassle, or you aren’t able to do it yourself, hiring a cleaning company is a better alternative. It’s always better to get someone else to do it than to risk your safety when it comes to higher windows. You can employ a green company if you want to ensure that they use eco-friendly cleaning methods.

Neglecting your windows will make the rest of your house look untidy. Don’t forget to include them in your cleaning schedule, whether you do them yourself or get someone else to do it.

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