Turning Defeat Into Development


You Never Learn From A Good Set

Turning Defeat Into Development

This Quora article lists seventeen steps that a comedian can use to help turn a bad set into a good one. Basically, each step represents a learning opportunity for the new comedian. Novice entertainers likely won’t have any good crowd work, or even understand why certain jokes don’t hit. They need to keep performing to understand.

Oftentimes in life, the lesson comes before the test. Until you fail, you can’t succeed.

Part of this is motivation–you’ve got to clear your name after something terrible has happened. But not everybody has the strength to pick themselves up after a defeat.

Comedians are referenced here because they’re a great object example.

A comic is an intelligent entertainer who knows how to make people laugh; but oftentimes they have a mindset similar to those in the military.

Granted, the stakes are much higher in the military, but if you think of a comedy set like a campaign, and bombing like being defeated so bad that retreat is necessary, the correlation is clear: performing a set is fighting a battle.

The difference is, a comedian who does bad might get tomatoes thrown at them, or be called nasty words.

A soldier in a losing battle could easily lose his life, and see close friends sent to eternity decades too soon. Additionally, in combat, there are situations where a person is pushed into doing things they didn’t even realize they were capable of.

Overcoming Trauma

If you’ve seen the film American Sniper, then you’ve seen the saga of Chris Kyle, a skilled sniper who lost his life at home due to another soldier’s PTSD. At the beginning of that film, Chris Kyle has to pull the trigger on a child who would otherwise kill a soldier. He doesn’t have a choice. It’s not that he wants to, combat makes him do it.

Now this is just the kind of thing that facilitates PTSD. Certainly, losing friends and comrades is a big part of it; but a more affecting quotient of the condition concerns the realization of personal ability. Everyone has a dark side, and we often don’t realize this until we are forced to confront it. Once we have confronted it, the fallout is harder than the action which alerted us to our true reality.

Some never recover, but those who realize they have a capacity for good as well as evil can overcome this psychological defeat–because that’s what it amounts to. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder constantly puts before your eyes ironclad proof of your imperfection as a human being. But here’s a secret: everybody is imperfect.

Challenge Coins And Fine Careers

Those who have been forced to see this personal reality have somewhat of an advantage over civilians who don’t realize the depths of their own potential, good or bad. This is why presenting a challenge coin manufactured by a professional company such as Embleholics to others who have been through similar situations can act as a barrier-destroying bonding agent.

Such an action can also help you find gainful employment in the civilian world which is silhouetted by other post-military individuals who understand what you’ve been through, and how that makes you a stronger individual. As it turns out, there are several career choices which military life provides you eligibility for.

Social work, criminology, and business management are all occupations which benefit from a military background. Realizing who you are fundamentally can help you flourish in life with greater success than those who haven’t truly come face to face with the reality of existence. That’s turning a defeat as painful as PTSD into a victory that can even help your fellow comrades.

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