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About Vidmate Video Downloader Android App

The Vidmate Video Downloader Android Application launched earlier this year and has made a big splash around popular social media thanks to its easy to use interface and cross platform functionality.

The app was invented to cater to the fast rising need of video enthusiasts and lovers who craved for a place to find all the best videos on the internet in one search. The primary functionality of the app is one that inspires the user to find, watch and download the best videos on the internet related to specific topics.

By combining the options of streaming both live and recorded videos from multiple platforms with a download feature and movies that release fresh from the box office, the video streaming industry has never been so far streamlined.

Why Vidmate is our Favorite

Vidmate combines the best of the best features from over 20 other video streaming applications across the internet and goes further than any other video social network has gone till date in the areas of creating an app to popularize video information across the internet.

The innovation is drastic and can be overwhelming for beginners though, with more and more apps being released every day, the one thing that Vidmate does best is the cross platform search, which integrates fromwebsites like YouTube and Vimeo to give you a seamless experience with your regular profiles as well.

Possibly the most comprehensive tool for video watching on the internet today, Vidmate has exceeded our expectations with its ease of use and amazing search service. If you love videos, you’ll love Vidmate.

Vidmate Download Guide

Vidmate isn’t available on the Google play store or the Apple App Store – instead you have to download it from its website and then continue to provide necessary permissions for it to run on your device.

Downloading for Android

The download procedure for android is the easiest of all devices you’ll install Vidmate on, but thankfully it retains functionality across all three.

Once you download the APK file from the website, all you have to do is go to the settings section of your tab, navigate to the security bar and click “Allow Unknown Applications” to all for the app to be downloaded. Then just run the APK file and let the install finish to complete the procedure for install. Just run the app like any other from that point on to enjoy all its benefits.

Downloading for Windows and iOS

Downloading Vidmate for Windows and iOS is pretty much the same, except that you first need to create an Android Environment for the app to function in first. Download Bluestacks Android Emulator from the official website for Windows PC’s and iEmu for iOS systems. Then just run the APK file in the emulated environment on your device and you can proceed to follow the instructions for android given above to start using the app and enjoying videos from across the world. Visit source

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