Volkswagen Models that are sure to take your breath away


Volkswagen is often referred to as “People’s Car Company” and is manufactured by the German-based company with its headquarters centered in Berlin. The brand was established in the January of 1937. It was developed when the government of Germany wanted to have a speedy and affordable vehicle available for its people.

Before the launch of Volkswagen, Germany only dealt in creating luxury cars and there was no car which was within the affordability range of an average middle-class earner. With Volkswagen the affordability and pricing factor was weighed and people could cars more as compared to previously. In this article we have gathered a list of vehicles which will definitely leave an impression that will not go away, easily:

1.      Volkswagen Golf

The first in this list that we are going to tell you about is none other than Volkswagen Golf. The car is a hatchback and among the finest hatchbacks out there. It is popular because it packs a lively engine and sports a fitted style.

Volkswagen Golf has been in production since the year 1974. At present the model it’s in it MK7 model or in other words, in its seventh generation. The car is powered by a number of turbocharged petrol engines.

Its gearbox (automatic or manual), however, depends on the level of trim opted for Japanese used cars auction online when making the purchase of Volkswagen Golf.

2.      Volkswagen Polo

Another Volkswagen model by the name of Polo. It is easily the best supermini cars ever built by the manufacturer! Its debut came a year later than the Golf, above. The car is in its 5th generation and sports a variety of selection in terms of petrol powerplants. The engine choices can range from 1190 cc I3 to a sprightly 1550 cc turbocharged I4.

In the middle of it, the Polo packs a stellar twin-charged I4 which makes Polo a both economical and a roller-coaster of a ride to drive. Moreover, its supermini form makes it the best fit for navigating the city traffic or those rush hours. These features make Polo a stand out Volkswagen car.

3.      Volkswagen Golf Touran

As they say, you cannot have the same shoe size for everyone. Similarly, compact and supermini cars are not everyone’s cup of tea. For young families, the real challenge is to have big cars and that too at an affordable pricing. Well, the families can take a breath of sigh as they can choose Volkswagen Golf Touran for their needs.

It first came to light in the year 2003. Presently, the car is in its second generation but has had certain improvements over the years. This generation is fueled by 3 petrol engines on top of a reliable 1197 cc I4 and finishes off at an economical 1798 cc I4.

The gearbox is made up of 5-speed automatic and offers great economy in terms of fuel efficiency and driver assistance mechanism. Moreover, you can benefit from its advanced infotainment options as well.

4.      Volkswagen Touareg

Okay this one’s an SUV and if you were to purchase an SUV then you can settle for Volkswagen Touareg. It is a medium sized first-class crossover SUV. It currently sits in its second generation and is propelled by the four petrol engines. The power ranges from 2995 cc V6 to a staggering 4163 cc V8 which brings about 355 brake horsepower while at the same time providing a 430 N-m of rotating force.

If were to delve into the standard gearbox of this ride, you will notice a smooth eight-speed automatic. The trim level selection makes this car adaptable to any possible option you can dream of.

5.      Volkswagen New Beetle

When it comes to two iconic Volkswagens, the first is Type II or Microbus and second, yes you guessed it – Beetle! The model belong to 1998 and packs a lot of styling features from the original Beetle intact. The Volkswagen New Beetle is said to be fueled by any of its 6-petrol engines. You can aspirate naturally or turbocharge the powerplant. You will notice that there are two manual gearboxes at your disposal as well.

However, if you were to consider the standard gearbox configuration it is based on a 4-speed automatic alongside a 6-speed Tiptronic automatic. The New Beetle is also popular with respect to meeting the highest safety standards out there. That makes it a plus when it’s sold in any of the designated markets.

It often comes with an amazing set of tech package. If you are an explorer or an adventurer per se than Volkswagen New Beetle is made for you.

In conclusion

Not every Volkswagen can be listed here but rest assured, the listed models are the best ones available in the market. If we have missed out on any, let us know in the comments section below.

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