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We’re obsessed with technology here at The OBunce. New gadgets and inventions are what get us out of bed in the morning. There’s something thrilling and exciting about new technology. It has a hint of science fiction and an element of fantasy. Nowhere is that more evident than the world of automotives. The car industry has long been a leader in new technology.

Today, it feels like we’re on the brink of an enormous shift in driving. The technology that is making its way into our cars is futuristic and groundbreaking. It is disruptive and revolutionary at a fundamental level. Before we get carried away, let’s get stuck in.


This technology is so new and revolutionary, the government doesn’t know how to regulate it! Yes, the only thing stopping the mass production of autonomous cars is the law. Elements of driverless technology can be already be found in some cars. Browse the range at Motorline Direct and you’ll see parking assistance and adaptive cruise control in many models. These are the first steps towards fully autonomous driving. Google and Apple are both working on this technology, marking a new chapter for motoring.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology

Not content with revolutionising the industry once, Toyota seeks to do it again with their latest car. The Toyota Prius was the bold pioneer of hybrid motoring. Fifteen years later, it is calling the new Mirai the next big step. It’s the first commercial hydrogen fuel cell car to hit our roads. It harnesses the most abundant element in our atmosphere, hydrogen, and emits nothing but water. Is it the completely clean new technology we’ve been searching for? Perhaps.

Biometric detection

We’re already using our fingerprints to unlock our phones; why not our cars? It won’t be long before biometric technology becomes standard in motoring. And, it will go much further than simple car entry. Biometrics will be used to monitor the health of drivers. It will detect low blood sugar, drowsiness or dangerous heart patterns. Your car will alert you, or even take over if it detects a problem.

Smartphone integration

The internet has infiltrated every corner of our lives. The only sector that has been slow to respond is the motoring industry. It is finally catching up and 4G hotspots will soon be commonplace in new vehicles. It will allow your car to integrate seamlessly with your smartphone. This will soon become standard, even on the used market. In the not-too-distant future, all our appliances and electronics will connect with each other. It’s called the internet of things and it’s big news.

Augmented reality and heads up displays

Augmented reality might just be the most futuristic technology on this list. In essence, it will display information digitally on your windscreen. For example, Jaguar are experimenting with a ‘ghost car’ concept. It will display a ghost car on the road in front of you as a navigational tool. You simply follow it to your destination. Futuristic stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree!

The future of driving is rooted in science fiction, and that’s why we love it. We can’t wait to see this technology emerge on the commercial market!

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