What is Coolscuplting?

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Coolscuplting is not a new technology in the world of losing weight. Coolscuplting is a process where the fat in the body is frozen to reduce its amount in the body. The process is also called cryo lipolysis and works by chilling the skin. When the skin is chilled, the skin cells beneath die off leading to loss of excess fat in that area. The process is not as simple as it sounds and most commercial Coolscuplting requires expensive equipment to undertake the whole process. The process can also be achieved at home at a cheaper cost although it might not be as effective as the commercial one.

The fat cells usually self-destruct when the skin is out under extreme cold. The process is FDA cleared together with the necessary equipment used to perform the procedures. Cryolipolysis means controlled cooling and is what happens to the skin cell where there is fat. The temperature is dropped to where the fat cells can easily die off. They will then be eliminated in the coming weeks as dead cells from the body.

How does the process work?

The process uses and device approved by the FDA to help chill the skin for up to an hour. Sessions usually last from one hour to three hours. This leads to the fat thickness in the treated areas to greatly reduce as the fat cells die off. In most cases, fat thickness ranging from 20% to 80% can be lost in a period of 1 to 3 months although this can vary from one individual to another.

The device will suck the skin and the underlying fat into a cup with users experiencing dramatic changes in the thickness of their skins. A single treatment can yield desirable results although one may go for a second treatment. The first treatment has more dramatic results than other accompanying treatments. Most people may confuse this method with liposuction although this is an alternative method to liposuction. Coolscuplting can improve the skin texture and laxity while helping tighten loose skins. Individuals with loose hanging skins can benefit from this method.

Coolsculpting Cost

Coolscuplting can be expensive. There is no exact price for the procedure although most are said to range as high as $1500 to $4000 per procedure.

How does the process work?

The device works by constantly removing heat from the skin at very fast rates creating a shock to the skin and the underlying fat cells. Simple icing does not work as temperature must rapidly be dropped to certain levels. The mechanism through which the process works is not so clear, but it is known that chilling fat tissues to certain low temperatures cause the cells to die off. The fat cells are inflamed and this trigger death to the cells a process known in the biological world as apoptosis.

The inflammation process will usually start three days after the skin has been chilled. This process will go on and peak after 30 days or more. In some cases, residual inflammation has been experienced after 90 days. The fats will decline after this period and will be cleared off the body together with other dead cells from the body.

How much fat can be lost through this procedure?
The fat loss in the first treatment is usually larger than the second or third treatments. Up to 7mm of fat thickness can be lost in the first treatment. In the second treatment, that fat loss thickness drops to up to 1-2 mm fat loss occurs. This is approximately 20% of the total fat beneath the skin. Remember not all the fat under the skin needs to be lost as fat plays key role in the human body. One just needs to shed off the excess fat to lose some pounds.

Are there risks with this procedure?

There is a general concern of damage to the skin. However, this is not such a big concern as the temperatures are not that cold to kill off the skin cells at once. The temperatures do not kill the skin cells immediately but help trigger the natural process of death (apoptosis). This is the reason the process can take weeks and months before one can see results.

Individuals might experience some numbness lasting for several hours. This happens when superficial nerves closer to the skin are affected losing their ability to transport neurons. However, you should feel okay soon and start feeling things around the treated area of the skin.

In some instances, patients might experience very minimal bruising. Remember the treated are is pinched, tugged or pulled. The suction process can leave marks of bruises although these are minimal and will heal after a few weeks.

The research was done on the procedures further showed that 1 in 20,000 patients who undergo the process end up experiencing paradoxical increases of fats under their skin.

The process is considered a compelling alternative to the more dangerous liposuction. It is non-invasive and safer when compared to liposuction though expensive.

Does it help with weight loss or spot reduction?

The procedure is not ideal for reducing weight and will not work with obese people. The procedure will reduce fat thickness in the treated area rather than general loss of weight. In obese people, it will be difficult to observe the effects. It can be used to reduce weight in people with stable weight.

The process can be made more effective by the addition of message. Research has shown that fat loss increases up to 68% when these twos are combined. The message further helps clear away negative side effects line necrosis and fibrosis by improved the flow of blood in the treated area.

Can DIY Coolscuplting work?

Can this process by replicated with ice packs on the skin surface? Applying ice on the skin has shown to have some effects of fat loss although not as big as one would expect. Ice on the skin produces inflammation for a few minutes, and this can help achieve some levels of fat loss although one has to be consistent in their application of ice. You will need to ice the skin area for 1-3 hours which is way too far to the 1 hour required by Coolscuplting, but it is worth trying.

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