What is Sodium Selenite and its uses?

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Sodium selenite is one of the inorganic compounds and it is a colorless salt. This type of compound is prepared when there is a reaction between both selenium dioxide and sodium hydroxide. When it is heated to 40 degree centigrade, the resultant hydrate will convert into salt. It is used in glass manufacturing companies and also in food supplement manufacturing companies. Also, United States food and drug administration government department has approved this salt as one of the food supplements in animal diet. It is also one of the controversial types of substances while using it as a dog food. There are many chemical manufacturing companies that manufacture this sodium selenite to different parts of the world. Also, sodium selenite suppliers keep on increasing in today’s life. This sodium selenite is selenious acid which is white in color and can be easily dissolved in water. However, this salt will not be dissolved in ethanol.

Usually, this kind of salt will be available in two different forms and they are anhydrous form and hydrous form. Both of these forms will act similar in their reactions and only there is change in the molecular weight of salt. Sometimes, this type of toxic substance is used to prepare a recipe for our pet animals. From one of the research done with rat, researchers have identified that sodium selenite is three times more toxic when compared to natural form. This type of natural selenium is produced with the help of yeast and hence it is called as selenomethionine. Also, further studies have proved that this particular salt is more toxic as well as mimics which will be identified in fresh food. With this features, sodium selenite manufacturers focus on manufacturing food to pet animals too. Normally, any type of mineral will become toxic while feeding it with excess amount and such type of conditions are commonly referred in medical term as toxicosis. One of the best examples on this toxic substance is blue buffalo dog food. As per the latest test results, maximum level of this compound that to be used in dog food is 2.0 mg/kg while in calories term, suggested maximum amount of in taking of this salt is 0.57 mg/1000 calories food.

Still in medical and biological terms sodium selenite is marked as controversial compound as there is only a thin layer of safety on being toxic. Later, instead of using such salt product, manufacturers started to use selenium yeast as the source for producing food supplements for pet animals. However, in terms of quality selenium yeast is less when compared to sodium selenite. So manufactures of pet food started to manufacture right food containing selenium yeast. Owners of the pet animal should take in charge while selecting food supplement for them. There are also some chemical manufacturing companies that offer such salt product through online. They will also deliver this substance in our door step. We have an option to compare between manufacturers to select the best one.

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