Why is a Stylus Pen Better?


In this age of technology, it is often claimed that the traditional instruments of writing are becoming obsolete however, this is not true. As a matter of fact, writing as a means of communication is becoming a more enriched source of expression. Therefore, it can never be superseded by any other means and hence, these days more refined instruments of writing are being developed to give an enhanced experience of writing to the writer.

Efforts are being made to amalgamate technology and traditional writing instruments to further this user experience. Hence, one of the most brilliant efforts in this direction is the new smart writing instrument called “Linc Touch Ball Pen with Stylus”. This twin technology is gaining popularity because of following reasons:

Ball Pen

  1. With smart phones getting bigger and inevitable by the day, a stylus is a very handy object which provides relief to the user and makes the smart phone usage more convenient. People need it on the go, but often tend to lose it. So this two in one gadget of a pen is handy and affordable since is costs only Rs.20. 00.
  2. Carrying two separate objects in a pocket feels cluttered, thus a pen that doubles as a stylus is the most apt thing for such users.
  3. A stylus has a rubbery ball at the tip of the pen which works similar to finger touch and the smart phone devices recognize this touch and allows the user to use their device like the human touch.
  4. Stylus works like pen, but for the devices. The device reads the movements of the pen and converts it into text or commands. Therefore people can flaunt this amalgamation anywhere and everywhere.
  5. One needs to simply use their device as writing pad and use stylus as a pen. The use is simple and does not involve any complicated steps hence it is user friendly.
  6. This way it becomes very useful for those who do a lot of typing or entering content on their devices.
  7. Stylus is the new in-thing, and looks stylish in the pocket.
  8. Same stylus can be used in all the smart phones and tabs, so don’t users don’t need to carry a separate stylus for separate devices. Therefore it avoids buying and carrying multiple instruments.
  9. It is not an electrical device, so there is no battery to be charged, hence, it is convenient and has a longer life.
  10. Now the last aspect may sound a little funny but is a fact. Most of us are habitual of putting the pen in our mouth when engrossed in deep thinking, and all this happens unconsciously. However, since there is nothing sharp or electronic in the stylus, there is nothing to worry if u accidently do it.

Moreover, in comparison to a pen which has a limited amount of ink, stylus has a longer life and can be retained even after even after the ink of the gel Pen on the other end of this instrument gets exhausted.

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